Button and Bear makes a Momprenuer

Button and Bear started as a project between a granny and a mommy and a baby: Button’s mom loved markets and local brands and was always on the look out for unique things for Button. Button’s mom would often wish that the available products did this or that they couldn’t currently do, or rather looked different or that there was a locally made product in place of an expensive retail version. She would then enlist Button’s granny to make something unique for Button.

Button’s friends mom’s and even strangers began to admire some of the things Button’s granny had made for Button. And so Button and Bear was born, and Button’s mom became a Momprenuer.

Our first product to launch is a multi-use car seat cover: reversible, breathable cotton, usable open or closed, in simply gorgeous girls’, boys’ and neutral colours.

See our Facebook shop for current products: https://www.facebook.com/pg/buttonandbearsa/shop/

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Proud to announce our first collab!

Button and Bear has linked up with the gorgeous baby furniture company Paper Planes, in Durban!

Located in the chic creative space at 15A Station Drive, Umngeni; Paper Planes and other creatives are setting trends in home, decor and other design areas.

Limited stock of Button and Bear baby goods will be available directly through Paper Planes, otherwise they will offer a made-to-order option and you can collect your Button and Bear items as soon as they arrive.

Pop by to have a look at Paper Planes beautiful furniture on display, have a coffee at Fortune Coffee, indulge at the Morning Trade market, and get your own Button and Bear car seat or trolley cover right here in Durban’s Station Drive precinct.

Follow Paper Planes on Facebook: @weheartpaperplanes

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Trolley covers

Shopping has never been as challenging, or as entertaining as when you try to do it with your little one!

There is nothing worse than trying to run in for a few things quickly and you are either trying to use the pram canopy as a basket (if mom’s were made with four hands so that we could push a trolley AND a pram that would be GREAT!), or you contemplate putting your precious into the dirty trolley seat with its harsh plastic and/or metal edges.

If you are a mom like me – who quite enjoyed the shops before baby but I’m also a little iffy about dirt – you soon start trying creative ways of getting around this so the shopping fun can continue. Wrapping a muslin in and around the trolley seat, or worse, pushing the pram with one hand and dragging the trolley with the other (yes, I really tried that once) being the least of which.

Button’s granny made her a gorgeous trolley cover, and she now loves to cruise around the mall, Sophie and her noisy bee tucked in beside her. Never mind that ripping up my shopping list while I am still trying to read it is much more fun for Button than any toy in the world!

Finally Button and Bear has these three gorgeous colours of trolley cover to offer.

Shop them here: https://www.facebook.com/buttonandbearsa/shop/

What’s in a name?

The first baby in Button’s family was a baby chocolate labrador named for a famous bear.


This fur-baby became elder brother to Button in July 2016. Ever since then they have been inseparable – wherever Button is, Bear is. Nappy change in the nursery: Bear lies at Button’s mommy’s feet. Button’s nap time: Bear has a nap outside the nursery. Meal times: Bear lies under the high chair. Button’s toys are Bear’s favourite toys, and Bear’s toys are Button’s favourite.


The two are so close that a brand for Button could only exist if Bear was involved too 🙂

Where are you Button and Bear?

Wondering where you can find Button and Bear?


We are in the process of identifying local markets that will fit in with the ethos of our brand. We would love to share our products with you in spaces that accentuate small local brands and showcase local talent.


Button and Bear is also looking to partner with existing retail outlets where the brand would be well represented.


For now, you can find Button and Bear at our Facebook shop: https://www.facebook.com/pg/buttonandbearsa/shop/


Watch this space to find out where you will see us next!

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